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Mai Igarashi
Mai Igarashi



[Date of Birth] November 20, 1982

[Birthplace] Nara Prefecture


[Blood type] O type

[Size] Height 153 cm

   B80cm W60cm H85cm


[Hobby ]
● Manga (possess more than 1000 books)
Contact with animals

[Special skill]
Kansai dialect

Secretary skill test level 2
Equestrian license 5th grade
Ordinary driver's license (AT only)



I grew up with cats since I was a child, so I love cats like no other.
​ I have more than 1000 manga at home and read them every day.

Knowing the joy of playing at the age of 10, he participated in local musicals and theatrical performances.

Entered an actor cram school at the age of 15 and studied under director Yukio Fukamachi. Selected as a scholarship student.


At the age of 16, he made his TV debut in the role of Maki Saeki in the TBS drama "From the Scene of Life 6".


In recent years, he has appeared in many video works, mainly as a mom and a housewife.
In addition, he is active in a wide range of activities such as narration for corporate commercials.

​ Currently, there are more than 20 WebCMs appearing and more than 60 WebCMs being narrated.


For work requests and fan letters, please contact the office below.


Green Media Co., Ltd.



1-16-6 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku Marble Daikanyama 5F

TEL: 03-6455-1361 FAX: 03-6455-1362

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