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TBS "Love Will Begin When Money Ends" Episode 3 Hikari's Mother Role (2020)

NTV "Netadora" Lotti director "Clairvoyance" manager role (2020)

CX "Daddy of Higashino Chidori is a comedian" Yoshinari Fukushima (Garittochu)'s wife (2020)

TX `` Special Detective Kakuho no Onna 2'' Final Episode Masaki Shirota's Mother (Mamiko) Role (2019)

NHK General "Reversal Life" -A big leap forward with the attention-grabbing costume factory "Employee Shine" -The role of a factory employee

TX "Haunting! Ad Street heaven" Izu Amagi Hen Image model

NTV "I met a shocking Anno!" Kazuya Kamenashi's mother role (2019)

TBS "Sakagami Sashihara's Unbreakable Shop" Mother Role (2019)

NTV `` THE Breakthrough File'' Mother role (2019)

CX "Honma Big !? TV" as Maju Ozawa (2019)

NTV "Super Question Quiz! Truth or lies?" Scammer role (2019-many appearances)

CX `` Scandal Specialist Lawyer QUEEN'' Episode 2 Contract Employee (2019)

TBS "Great Love-With You Forgetting Me" Episode 8 Supermarket Clerk (2018)

NHK-BS Premium "Shufu Katsu!" Episode 7 Tour Guest (2018)

NTV 65th Anniversary Program Nippon Television + Louvre Museum "I want to see that face!" As Setsuko Yamabe (2018)

NTV "legal counseling office where you can line up" reproduction VTR (2018-many appearances)

TBS "DOCTORS-The Strongest Doctor-2018 SP" Operation Officer (2018)

NTV "The ban is lifted in a long interview with Mr. Akashi, who no one knows!" Kazushige Nagashima's manager role (2017)

NTV "I was born earlier" 9 episodes (2017)

NTV "Next Break Netadora" Yuriyan Retriever's mother role (2017)

TBS "Masahiro Nakai's Kinsuma Special" Amika's mother role, Izumi Maruoka and others (2017-many appearances)

TBS "Quartet" Episode 6 Friend (2017)

NTV "Saint Valu" New New New Mini Drama "Mama Cast" Mama Friend (2017)

CX "Honma Big !? TV" Affair Female Role (2017)

NTV "The! World Astonishment News" Mother role of schizophrenia, wife role of Tekken, etc. (2016-many appearances)

TX "Impact Story of the World" Victim Female Role (2016)

TBS "I love you so much" Episode 1 Mother role (2016)

TBS "Sand Tower" Episode 4 (2016)

CX "Medical Team Lady da Vinci's Diagnosis" Episode 1 Mother (2016)

NTV "We're Millennials" Episode 1-Bouldering Female Role (2016)

CX "Mutsu: Mieru Eyes" Episode 1 Victim Female Role (2015)

TBS "Downtown Rocket" Episode 9 Keita's Mother (2015)

TBS "Unraveling My Name" as Sakura Mama (2015)

CX "OV Director" Theme "Confession" No.2 Her role (2014)

CX "Out Deluxe" reproduction VTR female shogi player, Sayuri Takebe (2014)

TBS "Oyaji no Senaka" Episode 9 Company Employee (2014)

KTV "Black President" Episode 4 Manners Instructor (2014)

CX "Behind the Family" Episode 1 Paella's Office Lady (2013)

THK "Catch the Light of Tomorrow 2013" Episode 32 Manami Nagasato (2013)

EX "Case Lifesaving Doctor-The Miracle of IMAT-" (2013)

TBS "Tonbi" Episode 1 Female Role (2013)

NTV "NexT" joint party partner (2013)

NHK General "Delacroix" 31st "SP to become a woman who collects money" as the main character, Yoko Hanawa (2013)

NTV "One minute deep story that changes your life" Customer role (2013)

CX "Generation Heaven" as Kiwi Generation Mom (2013)

NTV "Solution! Nainai Answer" as the main character, Ayano (2013)

NTV "The World's Most Wanted Class" (2013-many appearances)

EX "Tamori Club" Sky Ear Hour (2013-many appearances)

CX "PRICELESS-There is no such thing, Nanamon!-" Final episode Couple role (2012)

WOWOW Prime "Ark of Heaven" Episode 3 Airport Staff (2012)

NTV "See through! Trick hunter !!" Scammer role (2012)

TBS "What's wrong with me?" Daughter-in-law (2012)

NHK General "Delacroix" 20th Kuniwa's Mother Role (2012)

NHK General "Delacroix" 16th Tamashiro (2012)

CX "Locked Room" Episode 8 Press Officer (2012)

NHK-BS Premium Documentary Drama "Elegant Life is the Best Revenge" Kazumi Yasui as a Young (2012)

EX "Toshi Densetsu no Onna" Episode 6 Female role to be picked up (2012)

EX "Yajiuma TV! -Marugoto Living Information Bureau-" (2011)

EX Saturday Wide Theater "Yameken no Onna" Clerk (2011)

NTV "Dancing! pacific saury Goten !!" Reproduction VTR (2010-many appearances)

CX "Ninkyo Helper" as Professor Osawa (2009)

CX "Konkatsu!" (2009)

CX Saturday Premium "Nobody can protect" (2009)

EX "Gira Gira" (2008)

TBS Monday Golden "Criminal Shoot / Shuto & Muco's Case Diary" as a nurse (2008)

EX Saturday Wide Theater "Newspaper reporter Goro Tsurumaki / Setsu Yamanaka murder" as nurse Rieko Oike (2008)

EX Saturday Wide Theater "Odd Detective 4" as Yasuyo Ogawa (2007)

CX "Actor Spirit" as Duck Cordelia (2006)

MBS "Living Magazine Mikasa Tsukasa" as a reporter (2002)

EX "Saturday Wide Theater, Peeping Woman" as Yuko Koyama (2002)

NHK General "Prince Shotoku" (2001)

TBS "From the scene of life 6" as Maki Saeki (1999)

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